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​Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) are sometimes referred to as a Casita.  The ADU can be ‘attached’ or ‘detached’ from the main house.  This extra residential space must be located in your backyard or side yard.  In 2023, the Phoenix City Council approved new zoning rules to allow one ADU in all single-family residential properties however, there are some restrictions.

Acumen Builders has vast experience designing and building Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) that allow you to enjoy extra living space and increase the value of your property.  We understand from experience how to evaluate your unique property and design an ADU that suits your individual needs.

The shape, location, planned use (home office, guest house, craft room) and overall architectural vision is all done through collaboration with our clients to facilitate the customization that you want.  Need to plan a second phase to the project?  We know how to design in, the infrastructure for future expansion. 

Unique designs require innovative solutions.  Designing with ‘value engineering’ in mind, affordable product selections and reduced costs are what we do.  Whether you need a full bathroom (or two), a complete full kitchen, two bedrooms and a covered patio, we have the designs and expertise to bring it all together.

Contact Acumen Builders today for a free consultation.  Let’s talk about how to bring your vision into reality.

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We visit with you at your home to learn more about what you need from your ADU.  Gather information about your idea of what it would look like and what your new space will be used for.  Not sure?  We can provide some ideas.  We also need to learn about your planned investment (budget) to help us guide you in the right direction related to size and scope of the ADU.
When we arrive, we already know how large of an ADU would be permissible based upon allowable lot coverage, what restrictions we might have and most importantly, the creative solutions to potential obstacles.  While on site, we will evaluate access to the backyard, existing utilities, landscaping and existing structures. 


Determining the site is suitable for your new ADU, and the budget is right for the project, we sign a Design Agreement and proceed to the next steps.  The fun begins. 

You can use one of our ‘standard’ plans or create a new custom ADU that matches your style.  We can Design a “Tiny House” for you that has some advantages over a simple ADU.  The Building Code requirements are more relaxed and simplified for a Tiny House. 

With all the decisions made and the rough concept plan is approved, we move on to create the ‘Construction Documents’ necessary for plan check at the City and permitting. 

If we need Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering or any other design specialty, we have the contacts and resources to bring it all together.  All questions and corrections requested by the City Plan Checker are addressed to their satisfaction.


Pleased with the process?  Ready to get started?  Still love working with us?  Next step is to transition to a “Construction Contract” to bring your ADU to life.  We’re ready to collaborate on the details and start the construction process.

We complete the Permit Application and submit the plans to the City for Permitting and manage the entire process.


Now we put the “jewelry” on your new ADU.  Finishes such as bath wall and floor tile, doors, trim and base boards, plumbing and electrical fixtures, flooring and custom paint and many more.  Upgraded siding, want a cupola on the roof and perhaps a floor outlet?  We can integrate just about anything.

We create your ‘On-line Toolbox, a secure portal to make product selections, view the schedule, collaborate and communicate, review the budget – all with 100% transparency.


From site preparation, to organizing the trade contractors and suppliers, we manage the entire process.  Robust communication, detailed scopes of work and quick responses to questions enable us to build efficiently and on schedule. 

Planned on site meetings with our clients at various stages of construction, insures we are building the ADU you want, to the level of quality you deserve and installing the products you selected.

We meet the Building Inspector at every required inspection including the Final Inspection when we receive the “Certificate of Occupancy” – your ready to move in.

We conduct a final walk-thru with you to make a list of anything that needs attention and to fine tune your new space.  When completed – we hand you the keys.